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Victoria Milovanova

Victoria Milovanova
Chief Producer, Creative Department, RT

Victoria Milovanova is the chief producer at RT creative department.

After starting her career as an assistant news director in 2002 at one of the leading Russian TV channels, she joined the RT news team in 2005 where she worked as a producer at talk-show and later moved to RT English promo department in 2009.

Since 2017, as the chief producer at creative department, she has been producing various promotions and marketing projects for all RT family channels: RT International, RT UK, RT Español, RT Arabic, RT France, RTDoc.

Session: #Romanovs100: “Engage. Inspire. Educate.”

We live in an intense and noisy world that we mostly perceive through gadgets and social media. Our brains are now accustomed to consuming information through what we know as the newsfeed. Younger generations already have this timeline mentality from early childhood. Behind-the-scenes of creating, producing and production of #Romanovs100: social media storytelling project which help young people engage with history. 4,000 family photos of and by the last Russian Royal family were turned into image-first social media narratives, and payed a “live” tribute to the last ruling family, giving these photographs – once kept in family albums – a second, digital life in social networks.