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Craig Black

Designer, Lettering Artist, Typographer

Webinar: Craig Black – Design, Lettering & Typography

Hosted By: Tim Hughes, Founder of The Brief Doctor

Craig Black is a Scottish born graphic designer, lettering artist and typographer.

Having spent the first few years of his career in leading design agencies gaining experience in print to motion and everything in-between, he currently runs his own design studio in Glasgow and London, United Kingdom.

Known for his bespoke and innovative typographic illustrations, visual identities, packaging and installations. His strengths lie in his ability to cross disciplines without the effects of a fixed personal style. This versatility has meant he’s been lucky enough to work on a varied mix of projects with local and international clients of all business backgrounds.

His work has been celebrated and published internationally by Computer Arts, Creative Review and IdN Magazine — in addition to regular features by online media.

Join the witty Brief Doctor himself, Tim Hughes as he looks at the source of inspiration and creative process behind the brilliant artist, and the journey that led him to where he is today.

Date: Thursday, July 30, 2020, 5:30PM (GMT+8)



Webinar: Covid & Creativity

Hosted By: Tim Hughes, Founder of The Brief Doctor
Joined By: Dan Aldridge, Senior Creative Director of Warner Media
                     Joe Goddard, Director Asia Pacific of James & Wilkinson Media
                      Lisa Frederickson, Creative Director
                     Pauline Russell, Creative Director of The Brief Doctor

In this exclusive round-table webinar, Promax industry leaders discuss how Covid is affecting them, their teams and their creativity. Well, hear what they are doing to stay creative in these unprecedented times.