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Promax Asia Virtual 2020

How to get the best performance from your VoiceOver Artist

Speakers: Brent Allen Hagel, Evon Loh, Kenn Delbridge and Rob Middleton

Award winning V/O guru Brent A. Hagel will be covering direction styles, trigger words, and working the microphone per genre of promo. Brent will be joined by leading V/O Artists from the Asia Pacific region for some live direction.


Upside Down and Inside Out – Counterintuitive Creativity

Speaker: Richard Holman

When it comes to making creative work, most people tend to behave in very similar ways. Which is fine if you’re OK with being good. But if you want to make great work then sometimes then you have to turn the rule book upside down and inside out.In this entertaining and provocative talk, Richard Holman, expert on the creative process and sometime iconoclast, proposes a counterintuitive creative manifesto which celebrates weakness, destruction, bad ideas and the fact that nobody knows anything.


Taking the leap from VFX to Directing and Producing Feature Films & TV

Speaker: Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull

In this session, I take you all into a visual, raw, deep dive journey on how I took the leap from a VFX career to film / TV directing and producing, and how just when I thought I had made it, Covid-19 hit and how I had to think outside the box to get where I am today with directing and producing animated series and feature film.


Where Next for Promos?

Speaker: Charlie Mawer

A provocative look at why promo campaigns in 2020 still look remarkably similar to how they did 30 years ago considering both the environment they are viewed in and audience behaviour have shifted so radically. This stimulating session takes you through ground-breaking promotional strategies and shows how brands and broadcasters have used new techniques to engage with audiences beyond traditional trailer edits.


Best Practises 2020

Speaker: Lee Hunt

Strategist and industry thought leader Lee Hunt shares his timely and informative round-up of the strategies, tactics, tools and ideas that are reshaping our business.

  • How pandemic messaging is changing promo scheduling strategies, and what that means for entertainment brands
  • New competitive and cross-channel strategies from linear networks and streaming platforms
  • Micro and macro creative breakthroughs
  • Z-Axis vs. 360 marketing


The Future of Creativity in Augmented Reality… PART II

Speaker: Emile Rademeyer

Creative use of digital technology is transforming advertising, entertainment and human behaviour like never seen before. Join VANDAL’s Emile Rademeyer in this exclusive ‘PART II’ as he continues the hugely popular session “The Future of Creativity… in Augmented Reality”. Take a seat and buckle up…! You’re about to travel into the future and witness new augmented realities of creativity.


World Gold

Speaker: Lisa Frederickson

Your 60-minute romp through the inspiring, sublime, sometimes bat-shit creative offerings from across the globe. Be wowed, be stirred, be spitting feathers that you didn’t think of that absolute game-changing idea.

Who knows, after this little lot, maybe you will…


Promax Asia Virtual 2020 Awards Show

Award Host: Jean Danker
Voiceover: Rob Middleton