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Virtual Mini Event – Lee Hunt

Dynamic Branding

Media brands, whether linear channels or streaming services, are dynamic. Unlike consumer product brands they change hour-to-hour, daypart-to-daypart, platform-to-platform. This makes media brands aspirational, but also contradictory. They serve different audiences at different times, but they must stand for one thing. They must be consistent, but feel fresh. They must be elastic enough to support changes in content, but follow a single trajectory. That makes branding media services a challenge. A brand pyramid helps give you a template for creating effective messaging—from episodic promotion to brand image marketing. In this first session we break down the elements of the pyramid to see how different media companies use their brands to create effective channel messaging, and how they are connected to all the elements of marketing from print, outdoor, social and off-air.

New Best Practices

What’s happening now? Our industry is changing faster than ever. What are the newest strategies, tactics and trends from the leading edge of the television networks and streaming services? What’s increasing viewership? Slowing erosion and churn? Strengthening viewer loyalty? We’ll examine the new practices that are revolutionizing our industry; learn how they work; why they work; and how to make them work for you.