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Pauline Russell

Pauline Russell
Creative Director, The Brief Doctor

Pauline Russell is Creative Director of The Brief Doctor and is a global expert in creative brand strategy. She has led numerous global creative teams as both a Director and VP/Creative Director including teams at Scripps Networks, BBC Studios and Discovery. She has won numerous Promax awards, Kinsale Sharks and New York TV Festival prizes.

Promo Masterclass: Make a Plan, Work the Plan, Kick Ass, Repeat

Stressed out, feeling reactionary, wasting precious time and resources, working hard and getting nowhere fast? Then this masterclass may just change your life. Meet Pauline Russell, Creative Director of The Brief Doctor: a global expert in creative brand strategy. She’ll take you on a deep dive into the planning process in this two-hour, hands-on, and totally interactive workshop. Find out how to get the best out of yourself, your team, and your station. Unlock the power of three simple questions, Who, What, and Why. Learn how to manage expectations, get buy-in from internal and external clients, handle insane feedback, and set the foundation for truly awesome creative that will not only surpass your marketing objectives, but will also bring home Promax Gold. Warning: this masterclass may cause serious harm to conventional wisdom.