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Creative Excellence, Building Brilliant Brands & Navigating the New Normal
5-day Online Masterclass

Richard Holman
Thinker, Writer & Speaker on Creativity
Having been the founder of a highly awarded creative & design agency and worked for 15 years as a Creative Director, Richard now spends much of his time writing and speaking about the creative process, inspiring people (and brands) to have better ideas.

His workshops are a unique blend of practical activities, inspirational lectures and illuminating curios curated from a lifetime of creativity. Richard has run creative workshops all over the world: for Eurosport in Paris; Sky, ITV & Turner in the UK; Fox, E! and A&E in the US and SVT in Sweden. He believes that creativity is, after love, the most value attribute we human beings possess.


A series of five interactive workshops, built around illuminating anecdotes, inspirational case studies and a series of absorbing individual and group creative exercises. These bespoke workshops have been created for anyone involved in building entertainment brands who would like to improve their capacity for original ideas and achieve creative excellence.

Great Ideas and Where to Find Them
Monday, 9 Nov 2:30pm – 6pm

What makes a great idea great? And how do you get yourself in the right frame of mind to have one? Our first day is devoted to exploring creativity as a state of mind. Together we’ll work on practical strategies for uncovering original, compelling and effective ideas. We’ll talk about the value of truth, the magic of accidents, how to employ oppositional thinking, the dangers of creative cannibalism, the best ways to brainstorm and why beginning with your worst idea could lead you to your best. During the day we’ll showcase some of the best creative work from across the globe, and attendees will work on a series of individual and group exercises to hone and refine their concept creation skills.

Learning Outcomes: 

The 5 qualities of great work & how to employ them / The importance of being present / Best use of time from brief to pitch. / Inspiration and where to find it / Making sense of the brief / The best ways to brainstorm / How to choose the right idea

What is a Brand and Why Should I Care?
Tuesday, 10 Nov 2:30 – 6pm

As the communications landscape becomes evermore complex how do you ensure your brand gets heard? We’ll explore the opportunities (and threats) of our rapidly evolving entertainment ecosystem. Through a showcase of great examples of brand behaviour we’ll define a series of strategies for creating ideas beyond advertising. We test different models for discovering a brand idea and learn how a simple, distinctive & truthful brand leads to better creative and fewer meetings! And we get to grips with the controversial topic of brand purpose.

Learning Outcomes:

Thinking Rich, Relevant, Responsive & Rewarding/ The value of truth How to show not tell/ Choosing the right medium for you/ The pitfalls of integration & how to avoid them/ New platforms & innovations/ Making sense of social Genius 360 campaigns

Making Good Great
Wednesday, 11 Nov 2:30pm – 6pm

You have an idea. Now you must bring it to life. How do you ensure your concept is not just good, but great? Building on the work we’ve done on concept creation in Day One we learn about the precarious business of transforming idea into execution. We look at finding the best format for bringing your idea to your audience and explore a series of best in class techniques for creative storytelling. Attendees will work together in small groups to develop a concept which they will share in an open forum as the two day course comes to a close.

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding the difference between concept & execution/ The Watch Again test/ Listening to the idea/ Form VS function
Simplicity, Originality, Truth, Craft & Reward/ How to be a great Creative Director

Going 360
Thursday, 12 Nov 2:30 – 6pm

As audiences become ever harder to reach through  conventional advertising formats, we look at how to  break new ground and create rich, versatile ideas  which can travel. We will get to learnt ideas beyond advertising and deconstruct best in class examples as we dive deep into social and explore how to make the most of emerging technologies, There will be a group exercise in future thinking

Learning Outcomes:

Thinking Rich, Relevant, Responsive & Rewarding/ The Value of Truth/ How to show not tell/ Choosing the right medium/ The pitfalls of integration &. how to avoid them/ New platforms &. innovation/ Making sense of social/ Genius 360 Campaigns

How to stay Creative in an Uncertain World
13 Nov, Friday 3:30pm – 6pm

We look at how to overcome upcoming challenges in the current epidemic situation and future challenges.

Learning Outcomes:

Staying creative in uncertainty/ How to deal with fear and constant changes in the present and future


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