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James Redden

James Redden
Managing Director, 2CV Asia

James oversees 2CV’s business in Asia. He is an expert in helping guide clients, businesses and marketers through the complex process of customer understanding and has led agencies in the US, Asia and Singapore. James has been at the forefront of developing 2CV’s reputation as one of the world’s leading boutique Entertainment & Technology insights specialists. His primary interests lie in brand management, behaviour change and emerging technologies.

Session: Media and Entertainment Needs and Behaviour Across Generations

We have an abundance of media and entertainment options available – when we read, play, watch or listen we are satisfying different needs (e.g. entertainment, connection, relaxation), depending on the context. We conducted research in Singapore, the US and UK to understand the most important needs media and entertainment satisfies, as well as the activities and brands that best serve these needs. The result is an understanding of what drives media and entertainment behaviour across three generations – gen X, millennials and gen Z.