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Darwyn Metzger

Darwyn Metzger
CEO, Phantom

Darwyn Metzger is an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, and founder and CEO of Phantom, a digital marketing and social media strategy firm that specializes in engineering & seeding subversive digital propaganda on behalf of major consumer brands, start-ups, television networks, films, & celebrities. Phantom’s latest project known as “Pavemint,” has been described by NPR as the “Airbnb of Parking,” and seeks to transform one of the most archaic practices in American culture, circling the block in the pursuit of parking.

Session: How to Hijack a Digital Audience

In 2019, a gut instinct simply isn’t enough. This immersive keynote will show you how to fortify great creative with long term brand building and the right about of data-driven game theory to make your creative more effective, without turning you into a robot. Platforms, such as YouTube & Twitch, have evolved the job of finding and retaining audiences into a science—literally. Join a former Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist and TV producer turned digital audience acquisition guru as he gives us all a crash course on new audience tools and how to transform our traditional marketing intuition into future-proof, data-driven strategies.