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Chris J Reed

Chris J Reed
Founder & CEO, Black Marketing

With over 1,100 LinkedIn Recommendations, Chris J Reed is the most recommended keynote speaker, CEO, entrepreneur and bestselling author on LinkedIn.

Chris is the “Only CEO With A Mohawk” and believes that everyone has a metaphorical “Mohawk”, what’s yours?

“Opinion splitting”, “Controversial” and “Most Colourful” are just some of the ways that influential marketing magazine Mumbrella describes him.. He is your classic “Marmite” brand. Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him!

Chris has launched 7 global brands from his home of 10 years, Singapore. His flagship brand, Black Marketing, has won Asia’s Best Brand, APAC B2B Marketing Agency of the Year, Asia’s Best B2B Brand and Social Media Agency of the Year.

Chris’ 3 books “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “Social Selling Mastery For Entrepreneurs” are all No.1 international bestselling books on Amazon.

Chris also have been named an Official LinkedIn Power Profile 2012-2018, has one of the world’s most viewed/searched LinkedIn profiles with 55,000 followers and has won “Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Asia’s Most Influential Digital Media Professional” and ” B2B Social Media Influencer of the Year”.

Chris is a founding director of the Asia Content Marketing Association.

Chris lectures at Singapore/Hong Kong Universities and happily mentor students and entrepreneurs in Singapore as well as speaks for free at non-profit organisations across the world spreading the word about LinkedIn and Social Selling.

Chris’s 3 best selling books form the basis of his online course

Session: 10 Top Tips for How to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling (and some for what not to do)

Based on all three of his No.1 International Bestselling Books “LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs” and “Social Selling Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, Chris’s Masterclasses engage, delight, educate and entertain. Learn from an Official LinkedIn Power Profile on how to use LinkedIn for Social Selling. This talk covers:

  • How to Socially Sell
  • How to enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn for Social Selling
  • How to blog and become a thought leader on LinkedIn for Social Selling
  • How to enhance your employer branding and employee engagement on LinkedIn
  • How to create a content marketing plan on LinkedIn for Social Selling
  • How to use authenticity especially around video on LinkedIn to enhance your reputation to Socially Sell
  • How to message to find investors/clients/partners/employees on LinkedIn to Social Sell
  • How to use Sales Navigator for Social Selling