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Cancellation Policy

*Please note that the cancellation policy commences immediately after the official invoice has been issued out from the Promax Asia office!
In case of any cancellation, the following refund schedule/policy will apply:

–  More than 1 month from published event date – if payment has been made, full refund (minus any applicable bank charges).

– Between 1 month – 21 days before the event – 80% of total fee paid OR 20% of outstanding invoiced amount must be paid.

– 20 – 8 days before the event – 50% of the total fee paid OR 50% of outstanding invoiced amount must be paid.

– 1 week or less before the event – regrettably, no refund will be given OR full outstanding invoiced amount must be paid.

All cancellation and replacement MUST be notified and made known to the organiser by email or fax at least 3 days before the start of each event, otherwise it will not be acknowledged. 
Written notice of cancellation via email or fax is required!
Fax: +65-6735 4048

In the event that this event cannot be held on the scheduled date due to reasons beyond the organizer’s control, this event will be postponed to a later date and at such time and place to be advised. As the postponement is due to reasons beyond the organizer’s control, no refund of registration fees will be given. If you are not able to attend on the new date for the event, you may send a replacement.

Should an attendee decides to cancel his/her participation, a substitute from the registered attendee’s organization is welcomed at no extra charge. Please provide the name and contact info of the substitute attendee at least 5 business days before the event.