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Calvin Bong

Calvin Bong
Associate Director, On-Air Promotions for Singtel TV
Promax Asia 2019 Conference Co-Chair

Calvin Bong started his TV career, working as an Assistant Producer in a production house. At that time, his boss said, “You can write, you can shoot and you can edit. You’re an all-rounder. You’ll need to find something you can specialise in!”.

And he did.

Spending 18 years of his career honing those 3 essential skillsets as an On-Air Producer, Calvin had won numerous awards and led award winning creative teams in various OAP departments, both in Singapore and Hong Kong.

In his current role as Associate Director, On-Air Promotions for Singtel TV, Calvin is in charge of the creative strategy and promotions for Singtel TV’s home grown channels, mio Stadium, mio Sports, Jia Le Channel, VODs, Singtel TV GO and CAST app.

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To quote Kirby Ferguson, from his Everything is a Remix series – “the basic elements of creativity comes from copying, transforming and combining.”

So, the reason you are here at Promax is to be inspired. Taking insanely great (and sometimes not so great) ideas. Bringing them together, mashing them up, playing around with them and making something new. Something that represents your own identity and what you stand for.

Now, that’s re-invention and it starts at Promax Asia.

You’re welcome.”