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Saffron Sharpe

Social Media Influencer


Saffron Sharpe is a fashion influencer who has amassed a following of 155k on IG and YouTube. She focuses on creating a strong relationship with her followers through her content. This is done especially through her YouTube channel where it showcases her travels, weird antics and things that interest her in a vlog style format.

Panel Session: Watch Me!
Moderated By: Abhishek Rao
Joined By: Harvinth Skin & Johnathan Chua

The way we watch has come a long way (cliché alert)! The democratization of content, disrupted viewing patterns, content is marketing, authenticity, creators – these buzzwords flood our lives and aren’t merely trends. We talk about content as promos; yes, promotion is not what it used to be, but neither is content! The conversation now about how to convey a message to our target audience, is often the same as how to create content for them.

But what do we know?! Instead, we’ll have a chat with some independent, exciting, creative millennial content creators. They have found their own space in a world that at once belongs to no one, and everyone. Get a peek into how these creators started, their approach to short form, how they make creative decisions, follow trends and find new ones, and shape a voice that makes a connect with young people.