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Rob Middleton

Creative Director


In the world of promotions and marketing, Rob’s been pretending he knows what he’s talking about for something like three decades now. Holy crap that’s a long time to get away with. But, it’s now one of those things that has gone on for so long, everyone’s afraid to just question why. So just humour him and nod your head once in a while if he corners you in a bar. He’s mostly harmless.  He’ll probably just tell you he’s trained more Rocket Award winners than you can count on two hands and that the teams he’s proudly created all across Asia consistently break new ground in this industry each and every day. Oh, and he’ll probably also go on about how his proud he is of his present team in Malaysia. And then he’ll leave you alone.


Session: Substance Abuse

As chaos reigns supreme and channel managers seemingly set themselves on fire running around everywhere screaming for you to worship the holiness of KPI targets, it’s important that you find your inner promo zen mantra to rise above it all. You are the industry’s saviours. The more it changes, the more it needs you and your skills to make things better. To appease viewers and herd in new ones. To create on point targeted Jesus H Christ wonderful promotions that invite one and all to experience the splendour of your platform. But to do it, without deceit without lying without exaggeration, there’s the rub. To use your awesome creative brain power to create spots that aren’t superficial but are actually spots of substance. Spots that connect with your viewers on different levels and actually say something. To them. Not at them. It ain’t easy but I’ll walk you through the best I’ve seen this year and the simple techniques they used to get there.