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Richard Holman

Thinker, Writer & Speaker


Richard is a thinker, writer and speaker on creativity.

He has been the founder and ECD of a highly awarded creative & design agency, building brands like Sky, Discovery, Nat Geo, AMC, the BBC and Canal+; he’s run a furniture & lighting studio with his wife; and he’s spent many happy but ultimately fruitless hours attempting to capture the perfect photographic portrait.

Today he travels the globe, inspiring individuals and organisations to make better ideas.

His first book is ‘Beavers, Outrage & Blossom: A Creative Manifesto’.

His greatest pleasure is to be at home among the hills of South Wales with his family. A close second is making great work with great people.


Session One: One Show One Hundred Promos

You know how it goes … it’s that time of year when, yet again, you’ve got to find a new way of promoting a show you’ve already promoted dozens of times before.

How do you come up with something that feels fresh?
How do you find a new creative approach?
How do you stop yourself from leaping out of the nearest window?

In this session, you’ll discover how what seems like a curse could actually be one of your biggest creative opportunities.

Through looking at some brilliant examples of promo ingenuity we’ll explore a range of different techniques you can employ to put the spring back in your step and get the awards juries fizzing with excitement.

Oblique strategy, oppositional thinking and exploiting the age of the algorithm are just some of the strategies you’ll be taking home from this inspirational session.


Session Two: The Art of a Beautiful Pitch

A great idea is a wonderful thing. But, until it exists in the real world, it’s just a great idea. If you want to make it happen, then you have to be able to sell it.

In this session you’ll learn how.

Whether you’re the kind of person who’s already pretty good at pitching but would like to increase their strike rate, or you’re someone for whom the thought of pitching to a room full of scowling suits is as tempting as digging up a wasp nest while smeared in honey, there’ll be something for you in ‘The Art of a Beautiful Pitch.’

We’ll explore how you can own time and space; how to make silence your friend; and what you can learn from Winnie the Pooh.

It’ll be unpredictable and entertaining. Just like your next pitch.