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Martin Kett

MD & Creative Director
Perfect Accident


Martin Kett started his career in 1993 after his study of communication and design. He first worked for several Advertising Agencies as Designer, Art Director and Illustrator before moving to motion graphics. With 20 years experience in the field of broadcast designer Kett has worked for numerous clients all over the planet. In 2011 he founded his own broadcast design studio in Munich, named Perfect Accident.

Session: The Logo is Dead – Long Live the Logo

(Part One: The Logo Is Dead – Stefan Mueller)

Logo-mania has taken over the fashion industry again. The key to ensure that this craze trend remains cyclical to attract new followers and buyers. Logos were an essential part in our tv business as well – the numbers of bumpers, idents, rebrands, logo videos produced through the years. But unlike the logo trend in fashion, our followers no longer care about the channel logo. Content is king, and so (channel) logo is dead….

(Part Two: Long Live The Logo – Martin Kett)

… Or is it? Current Time TV, an independent and international Russian-language news and information channel will prove otherwise. As seen in the launch of their channel, the traditional channel logo was reborn again making it more useful and catchier than ever before, coming alive as an app-icon and leaving its static place to become a vital Storyteller on-Screen.