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Katie Ewer

Strategy Director
Jones Knowles Ritchie Singapore


With 17 years experience in branding, and nine of those in Asia, Katie is a writer and creative strategist at Jones Knowles Ritchie in Singapore. Katie grew up in Africa but began her career in branding in London. She spent six years at JKR in London leading relationships with clients including Bacardi before moving to somewhere much warmer. After another six years with retail consultancy Fitch as Strategy Director, she rejoined JKR and co-founded the Singapore studio. Katie specialises in brand voice, brand storytelling and seeing the woods for the trees.

Session: Forget Brand Experiences, Build Brand Memories

What’s your most vivid brand experience? Katie Ewer can still recall a Virgin Atlantic flight experience from her hometown airport in Malawi thirty years ago. Just before disembarking the plane, she rummaged through the seat pocket to discover a little pack of tissues that read ‘teehee’ on one side and ‘boohoo’ on the other. Just right for both types of travellers.

It was this small gesture of imbuing a mundane object with such a lovely, personalised thought that left Katie with a fond memory of what was likely an otherwise rickety flight experience through Africa. Now a strategy director for Jones Knowles Ritchie, it’s this exact memory that has her questioning the role of brand design as a memory trigger.

What memories does your brand own in the mind of the consumer? And how are you making it easy to remember the best bits? In this talk,Katie will explore how the power of memory can build, shape and connect brands, but also how memories can be hijacked. When theories like the peak-end rule show people only remember the end of their experience, how can you get rid of the white noise to design a brand that really makes people feel something?