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Charlton Hill

Head of Music & Innovation
Uncanny Valley


Charlton has over 20 years experience in the music, film, advertising and television industries in an array of roles ranging from major recording artist, studio manager, music and post production audio supervisor, copyright consultant and actor. With a foot firmly planted in both art and commerce, Charlton partnered with international music producer/composer Justin Shave to establish Uncanny Valley – a high end, music branding company that has quickly risen to prominence in both Australia and Asia. Turning their focus to tech, the duo now pursue innovative solutions in the emotive, music and sound arena.

Session: Shhh AI is Listening

How do we get machines to listen to music and truly compose the way that humans do? Machine listening involves software that can use sound to locate people moving through rooms, monitor machinery for impending breakdowns, or even listen and analyse the emotion embodied in a song. Is it possible to trick the brain into believing it’s feeling music and sound in the way that the human body would respond? Or what if you can create music just by thinking it?

In this intriguing, funny and often loud presentation, music tech industry disruptors Justin Shave and Charlton Hill provide an overview of the current AI music and sound landscape and a roadmap for audio technology enhanced creativity.

Artificial intelligence will continue to impact the future of creativity industries – changing the way we work and how we connect with audiences.

Today’s tech savvy & social media-focused landscape requires good knowledge of available and future cutting edge technologies, and their impact on creative industries – from audio home assistant devices [Alexa | Google Home] to advanced VR & AR experiences and machine listening. Charlton Hill and Justin Shave have a comprehensive understanding and straddle both the older and the newer. They are innovative thinkers who use their knowledge to influence thinking and new creative approaches in more traditional markets.