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Abhishek K Rao

Brand Head: MTV · Comedy Central · Paramount Channel (SEA), and MTV Creative (Asia)
Viacom International Media Networks


Abhishek ‘Shakey’ Rao likes chillies, the colour blue, beer, film scores and – oh wait, this is not that kind of bio.

Writing, long form, short form, promos, creative services, content, brand… Shakey has been getting away with working with cool people doing cool stuff way longer than he expected. With stints in production houses, commercials, ESPN and FOX, he’s now at Viacom where, with a bunch of fun people, he’s playing with some very fun brands – MTV, Comedy Central & Paramount. He finds himself constantly amazed at how storytelling is changing, yet thinking – the more things change…

Panel Session: Watch Me!
Moderated By: Abhishek Rao
Joined By: Harvinth Skin, Johnathan Chua & Saffron Sharpe

The way we watch has come a long way (cliché alert)! The democratization of content, disrupted viewing patterns, content is marketing, authenticity, creators – these buzzwords flood our lives and aren’t merely trends. We talk about content as promos; yes, promotion is not what it used to be, but neither is content! The conversation now about how to convey a message to our target audience, is often the same as how to create content for them.

But what do we know?! Instead, we’ll have a chat with some independent, exciting, creative millennial content creators. They have found their own space in a world that at once belongs to no one, and everyone. Get a peek into how these creators started, their approach to short form, how they make creative decisions, follow trends and find new ones, and shape a voice that makes a connect with young people.