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Ben Jackson & Eduardo Meza

Ben and Ed are part of the team of Pinwheel, the creative agency behind the videos such as the viral Stranger Things 2 promo clip set in Yishun, Singapore – Stranger Yishun. It attracted 130,063 views, over 3,300 reactions, 2,691 shares and 800 comments at the time of writing just a day after going live.

What makes an amazing marketing campaign?

"There is nothing which can't be made better with pizza"- says Deadpool, one of the most famous Marvel heroes at this point. Rob Middleton thinks [...]

Change the Way You Think Forever with Richard Holman

Richard Holman has some questions about your own creative process, and you would be wise to consider them the next time you are mired in a [...]

No laughing matter: The talents behind SGAG & MGAG

“Making jokes for a living” is seldom quoted as a career aspiration. Yet that was the very focus which motivated Karl Mak and Adrian Ang, They [...]

The Graphic Illustrator – Tad Carpenter

Fast food cups printed with colourful characters sipping soda; an adorable neon penguin beckoning frozen yogurt lovers; smiling faces peering out [...]

Designs with Character

Bright colours, funny characters, and a whimsical, illustrative style. Check out the behind-the-scenes of a nearly 90 foot hand-painted mural [...]

How cool will it be if computers can write music for us?

How do we get machines to listen to music and truly compose the way that humans do? Is it possible to trick the brain into believing it’s feeling [...]

What is it like to head a FIFA World Cup Campaign?

'Celebrate and Be Proud of Where You Come From'- No one knows this better than our speaker, Tim Horwood who played a mighty role in designing the [...]

Fall in love with analogue techniques with Gemma O’Brien

For as much as people relish the way technology can allow us to escape, there is no escaping the need for a human connection, and why artists who [...]

Lettering with Gemma

Redefine typography with Gemma as she takes it to another level with her bold type, expressive calligraphy and detailed illustration. Video [...]

Tim Horwood talks about the making of Coke Studio Africa

Coke Studio Africa has been creating some ripples for its music and content. Tim has been one of the main guys working behind the camera to make [...]